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Today’s video is all about the significance of becoming a “Featured Member” in The Mind Body Spirit Network.

Benefits of FEATURED MEMBER status are:

  • Top of the page positioning in your category of expertise.
  • Guaranteed daily visibility for your business.
  • No risk online marketing services. You only pay when we deliver sales.

BONUS VISIBILITY:  While space availability lasts your business will receive additional visibility in our social media networks including:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Pinterest, and
  4. Twitter

and valuable links back to your listing page.

Because we spend money to drive traffic to our Niche Directories, there needs to be a commission structure to support our financial investment and expert online marketing efforts to optimize traffic and sales conversions for all our members.

PLEASE NOTE: Ads are driven to a CUSTOM landing page for each of the “Niche Directories”. Your listing will receive the benefit of guaranteed daily visibility along with all other members within that category. The ads that we run are HIGHLY TARGETED and specific to the landing pages we send traffic to.

There are certain conditions that are required In order for you to qualify as a FEATURED MEMBER.


1 If you have an affiliate program in place already…then yeah! This is our preferred method of tracking sales. Please be sure to send us a link to set up an affiliate partnership with you. Your Featured Listing will be put in place once we set-up our affiliate connection.

2. If you have a scheduling calendar like Acuity Scheduling or Calend.ly, this works too with some conditions:

You need to be able to set up “Appointment Types” specifically for The Mind Body Spirit Network (TMBSN), so that we can track sales generated from TMBSN and your directory listing.

AND we need to have monthly administrative access to your scheduling account in order to run sales reports and create billing invoices.

You can hire us to do this for you.

PRICE: $150

Let Us Set Up Your Scheduling Calendar to Track Leads & Sales from Your Listing Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to enjoy the privileges of FEATURED Membership you MUST NOT change affiliate or scheduling links on your listing page. If we find you are not honoring your side of this pay for performance partnership, you will be demoted to a basic listing with no opportunity to upgrade to the FEATURED listing status.

HONESTY. INTEGRITY and HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS is our intention for partnering with you. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s short video as I discuss why writing 2-3 blogs/year and letting us optimize them for you REALLY matters in the long run.

Ciao for now!

Liz Gracia Founder

Liz Gracia

Liz Gracia
Founder & Editor in Chief
Director of Marketing & Member Success Sevices

Have questions or comments? Please email me here.

(We are available for hire to run ad campaigns for you. The minimum monthly investment in marketing services is $500 + a minimum ad spend budget of $1000. Visit our contact page to connect with us on this topic.)

Featured Member Commission Schedule

  • Commission Rate for Sales up to $500 are $35 minimum of 25%, whichever is greater
  • Commission Rate for Sales of $501 – $1,000 is 20%
  • Commission Rate for Sales of $1,001 – $5,000 is $15%
  • Commission Rate for Sales of $5,000+is 10%

Get Your Directory Listing Page SEO Optimized by the Pros!

Many members and business owners have what I call “Online Overwhelm”, meaning… you can’t keep up and you don’t know where to begin.

Sound familiar?

Well, we’re here to help!

Here’s what our SEO Directory Page Service Includes:

*Very light keyword research. You provide us with a few “seed” words and we’ll determine which ones you should use in your written content. The keywords we come up with are based on monthly search volume, financial viability, search competitiveness, and a few other determining factors.

Content outline. We’ll provide you with guidelines for how to write your content and how to use keyword phrases properly. Suggest we come up with 5 tabs of content.

30 min Video Consultation. Once we do the LITE keyword research and content outline, we like to have a conversation with you to make sure you understand what’s required of you on the writing side.

Editing. Once you provide us with your written content, we will edit it for search optimization purposes.

Featured Images. We will resize, optimize, and create images with text overlays for your listing page. We will create 4 “Featured Images” that appear at the top of your page as a slide show with text overlays and “marketing language”. You select the images from our stock image provider, we’ll put them together for a professional “branded” look.

Content Images. Each tab of your listing page needs images to support SEO page optimization. We’ll resize and optimize images relevant to each tab of the listing page. We need to write HTML code to embed those images in your tabs.

Alt tags for Images. Each image should have an alt tag and title that uses your primary keyword phrases.

Meta Information. You don’t have access to managing this, but we do. We will write the marketing-driven Title and Description that Google uses to display your website. This is another key component to search engine optimization. In the absence of ordering this service, we still do this part of the listing page for you.

Social Media Images. We create a custom Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter image for your listing page, so that when someone wants to share your page, the eye-catching image gets posted along with it.

Listing Page Submission to Google. We submit your listing page to Google so that your page gets crawled readily.

Social Share. Once your listing page is complete, we share it on our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

PRICE: $495

Order SEO for Your Listing Page

*If you’d like a more comprehensive keyword research report and content marketing strategy, you may want to check out my Small Business Awareness Boost at TheAthenaArena.com here, that starts at $1499