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My name is Liz Gracia. I am the Founder and Director of Marketing and Member Success Services at The Mind Body Spirit Network.

Today I want to introduce you to another significant aspect to your listing page and that’s the use of images.

The top “Featured Images” that you use could make the difference.

I highly recommend giving your image selection some careful consideration.

How do you want to represent yourself and your brand?

Have you ever given any thought to your brand?

If not, and you’re a solopreneur and literally the “face of your brand”, now’s the time to become aware of the significance of aligning yourself with an intentional way of being in your business and in the world.

Images are part of your “brand identity”.

So…personal branding is beyond the scope of today’s training, but I just wanted to plant some seeds for you about the notion of personal branding and what a significant impact it can have on your business when you get crystal clear on:

  • Who you are and how you show up in your business.
  • Who your ideal clients are.
  • What value-driven results you deliver, and
  • How you position yourself in the marketplace.

I am a personal branding coach and content marketing, strategist. One of the biggest problems I have encountered with small businesses and solopreneurs is the lack of awareness of the significance of developing a brand. 

If you want to understand more about personal branding, I welcome you to visit my personal branding & marketing strategy website at TheAthenaArena.com  and begin to acquaint yourself with branding.

In the meantime, listen to today’s training video about your directory images.

So stay tuned for tomorrow’s short video as I discuss how you can generate more leads and sales as a “Featured Member” of The Mind Body Spirit Network.

Ciao for now!

Liz Gracia Founder

Liz Gracia

Liz Gracia
Founder & Editor in Chief
Director of Marketing & Member Success Sevices

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Get Professional Help with Your Directory Images!

We have 3 pricing packages to assist you with more professional-looking images.

Here’s what’s required and included:

  • In order to keep these services affordable, it requires you to select the images you want to use to represent your business, services, and clients that you serve.
  • You give us the image number from Bigstock.com, or these royalty-free websites of incredible imagery at Unsplash.com and Pexels.com (or send us your own images)  we’ll buy the images (if you select them from Bigstock.com, then spruce them up a bit to help present you and your brand in an optimal way.
  • You provide some text or headlines you’d like to use on your images.
  • We’ll add that “marketing text” over some images and make sure what you offer is clear and concise.
  • We’ll also make sure each image has a title and alt tag with keyword phrases that would matter to SEO optimizing your listing page for search.

Here are Our 3 Directory Listing Image Packages:

4 Featured Images Package:

These are the four banner images you will see at the top of a directory listing page. Here’s an example. Look at the top slide show of this listing page.

PRICE: $50

Order 4 Featured Images Here

10 Images Embedded in Your Written Content Package

If you’d like to break up the written “Tabs” area of your listing page with images (which enhances your SEO optimization of the page) then please order this package that includes 10 images, two for each tab. CLICK HERE for an example of what embedded images look like.

Due to how the directory “engine” works, we have to create HTML code to embed images for you, so it’s a little time-consuming.

If you know how to use an HTML editor you can do it yourself and copy & paste the code into the tab.

PRICE: $150

Order 10 Content Images Here

Featured Images + 10 Embedded Images:

Let us take care of all your images for you!

PRICE: $175

Order 4 Featured + 10 Content Images Here

Get Your Directory Listing Page SEO Optimized by the Pros!

Many members and business owners have what I call “Online Overwhelm”, meaning… you can’t keep up and you don’t know where to begin.

Sound familiar?

Well, we’re here to help!

Here’s what our SEO Directory Page Service Includes:

*Very light keyword research. You provide us with a few “seed” words and we’ll determine which ones you should use in your written content. The keywords we come up with are based on monthly search volume, financial viability, search competitiveness, and a few other determining factors.

Content outline. We’ll provide you with guidelines for how to write your content and how to use keyword phrases properly. Suggest we come up with 5 tabs of content.

30 min Video Consultation. Once we do the LITE keyword research and content outline, we like to have a conversation with you to make sure you understand what’s required of you on the writing side.

Editing. Once you provide us with your written content, we will edit it for search optimization purposes.

Featured Images. We will resize, optimize, and create images with text overlays for your listing page. We will create 4 “Featured Images” that appear at the top of your page as a slide show with text overlays and “marketing language”. You select the images from our stock image provider, we’ll put them together for a professional “branded” look.

Content Images. Each tab of your listing page needs images to support SEO page optimization. We’ll resize and optimize images relevant to each tab of the listing page. We need to write HTML code to embed those images in your tabs.

Alt tags for Images. Each image should have an alt tag and title that uses your primary keyword phrases.

Meta Information. You don’t have access to managing this, but we do. We will write the marketing-driven Title and Description that Google uses to display your website. This is another key component to search engine optimization. In the absence of ordering this service, we still do this part of the listing page for you.

Social Media Images. We create a custom Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter image for your listing page, so that when someone wants to share your page, the eye-catching image gets posted along with it.

Listing Page Submission to Google. We submit your listing page to Google so that your page gets crawled readily.

Social Share. Once your listing page is complete, we share it on our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

PRICE: $495

Order SEO for Your Listing Page

*If you’d like a more comprehensive keyword research report and content marketing strategy, you may want to check out my Small Business Awareness Boost at TheAthenaArena.com here, that starts at $1499