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  • directory2tmbs Listing Owner

    I love the layout of the coursework and I really enjoyed learning so much during the Live classes. It has been amazing and I’m so excited to continue learning through inlp center!

    April B – October 18, 2020

  • directory2tmbs Listing Owner

    The course has a great balance between providing information and activities that develop your experience and practice.All the trainers I have been in classes with come with a wealth on knowledge and always challenge your thinking.

    Sarah S – November 5, 2020

  • directory2tmbs Listing Owner

    I´ve enjoyed every minute of my training so far, everything is great! the content is amazing and the trainers are outstanding. I love the live sessions, I learn a lot from them, they are quite helpful. Enrolling to this training was one of the best decisions I´ve made. I highly recommend it!

    Lucía G – November 13, 2020

  • directory2tmbs Listing Owner

    I’m enrolled in the full ACC Life Coach Training Program so I’m not done with training yet, but I have completed my NLP Practitioner Certification. I am beyond satisfied with the program so far. The material is thorough and easily understood. The instructors are very helpful and provide great insight. The live sessions also offer great opportunities to discuss and practice topics…

    Rachael R – November 18, 2020

  • directory2tmbs Listing Owner

    I was a little skeptical at how effective this type of training would be online, but since the pandemic left little choice, I decided to try it. I would say that the program is very strong and effective and exceeded my expectations by a lot. The units are of a manageable size, it is easy to see progress, and I like the combination on video and text exercises. I think the report required format is a …

    Mark W – November 19, 2020

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