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    “Most important contribution…”

    [Grof’s work] is the most important contribution to personality theory in several decades.
    — Abraham Maslow, Founder of Humanistic Psychology

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    “A basis for a whole new strategy of research.”

    I do not doubt that others working in this field will find Dr. Grof’s discoveries a basis for a whole new strategy of research.
    — Joseph Campbell, Author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces

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    “Marshals an impressive array of data…”

    Grof marshals an impressive array of data and speculation in support of the timely demand that Western science acknowledge consciousness and its many non-ordinary states.
    — Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), PhD, Psychologist, spiritual teacher, and author of Be Here Now

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    “Far and away more experience in psychedelic research than anyone else…”

    Grof has had far and away more experience in psychedelic research than anyone else and has come up with the most comprehensive and helpful framework for interpreting the data in this bewildering area.

    — Huston Smith , PhD, Author of The World’s Religions and Beyond the Post-Modern Mind

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    “Should be front page news…”

    Dr. Grof’s positive message of universal spirituality, hardwired in the brain and unlocked during the mystical psychedelic state, should be front page news…

    — Alex Grey, Visionary Artist and Co-founder of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

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