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  • Barbara Bandel Listing Owner

    Dear Barbara,

    In 2018 when I was 33, I called you to ask if I would have another baby? You said I was going to have a baby at age 35 and you explained why it would take a little while to get pregnant. You said you saw a girl. On March 1 of this year we welcomed her to the world. Your words gave me a lot of confidence. Anne

  • Barbara Bandel Listing Owner

    I can’t thank you enough Barbara, for all the help and guidance. You are patient with me and always so kind in your readings. Accurate, of course, always. You gave me specific details about things I hadn’t even asked you about but that I clearly needed guidance on. You told me about some minor challenges in my work and career life that are subtle to me, but that are ever so present, you are so right on, so wise to draw my attention to it. Things that had only been at the thought level for me about my work and about my husband…you illuminated it for me and were spot on and it showed me where my focus is needed. Pointing me in the right direction and towards the people (my husband, two sons and my work) that I so need to be looking at, no more looking back to a person of the past. Your accuracy in describing things is incredible and your loving kind nature is much appreciated. So, so glad I found you!


    Rebecca Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

  • Barbara Bandel Listing Owner

    Hello Barbara!

    I really loved your reading! I have never experienced anything like it! It really touched me. I think you really hit the nail on the head. When it comes to my spirit guide I also have really felt the presence of a man. I feel very connected to you and you sound so genuine and passionate about what you do. I hope that your amazing psychic abilities can see more and teach me more because this reading was truly amazing. I hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, B from Norway

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