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  • Cheryl

    I just Love Sunny!!! Reiki is so awesome with her even at a distance. All my sessions have been amazing with her. I can truly say she is my most entrusted friend and spiritual guidance leader I’ll ever need!!

    To you my dearest friend ❤ and my spiritual leader!!
    I love you!! ❤

  • Wendey Morales

    I had a wonderful meditation healing session with Sunny! I left completely changed and renewed. She has such a soft and gentle voice, I was instantly relaxed. Her great wealth of knowledge on trauma, and unique approach to healing is groundbreaking. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future.

  • Lori Martino

    I have known Sunny for many years. My first healing introduction to Sunny was when I had difficulty accepting my son’s mental illness…she coached me in realizing that acceptance…kindness and love of Myself was the key to knowing what I had to do to have a happy and blessed life with him. In addition..Sunny got me through serious Covid pneumonia…when I was in hospital she sent me reiki every day…I truly know without a doubt that this contributed to my healing. To this day..I am almost 80 years old…I take No medications and Sunny is my go to person for my mental, spiritual and physical needs!

  • Heidi Kay

    Sunny is kind and one of the most patient woman I have ever worked with. She has helped me with my anxiety and stress. I have also seen Sunny for Reiki Healing which is amazing and very very helpful for me. Sunny also helped with Reclaiming a Sense of Self when my daughter lost her husband. We can never thank her enough for how she helped my daughter through that difficult time. She is now happier than I have see her in years! I highly recommend her for any of her services available… she is a true healer!!!

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