About Our Chakra Healing, Chakra Balancing, & Chakra Reading Practitioner Directory

Directory of Chakra ReadersLooking for chakra healing practitioners that can read your chakra system and balance your chakras? The Mind Body Spirit Network brings together alternative and holistic health practitioners in the field of energy medicine. Most energy healing prctitioners are skilled at chakra readings to assess where there are imbalances in the chakra system.

Dr. Oz says energy healing is the new medicine. As energy healing is still a burgeoning alternative approach to healing it can still be difficult to find an energy healer that specializes in chakra healing and balancing in certain parts of the country.

Energy medicine is a practice that can be administered in person and remotely. Find a chakra healing and chakra balancing practitioner that  may use a variety of energy healing modalities including Reiki healingTheta Healing®GATE Method®, EFT Tapping, Pranic Healing and more.

The Mind Body Spirit Network is an alternative online business directory for practitioners of energy medicine and the chakra system.

We are also a conscious community of alternative healers and expert contributors of content to our holistic health blogs.

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