STEP 3: Create an Account or Login

After you create your account or log in, proceed to Step 4.

Create an Account

STEP 4: Select a Pricing Package Then Fill Out Your Business Listing Form

Submit Your Buisness Listing in the Directory of The Mind Body Spirit Network here.

After you choose your pricing package, you can begin to fill out your business listing or blog post.

You don’t have to fill it all out today, as there is a significant amount of content you may want to think through.

You can always get started with your listing and come back and add to or edit at any time.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND creating a Word document with the information you want to include on your listing page or blog post. Save it all on a Word document, then copy and paste the information when it’s ready.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: After you create a Member Directory Account, you will be able to come back and login to your account, edit and view your listings and add more listings or blog posts. All Member login links can be found at the bottom of the page in the Footer > DIRECTORY MEMBERS (Scroll to the bottom of this page so that you become familiar with this section, 3rd column from the left)

Be Sure to Select the Radio Button (just below) for the Membership Package You Want

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